22DSK144.ZIP (233k)
    22DISK is a DOS-to-CP/M disk file transfer utility.
    Extremely useful under DOS for copying files between
    disk formats.  Shareware from Sydex.

  86DOSUTL.ZIP (39k)
    This archive contains the following DOS programs:
      AME86......An older CP/M-86 emulator for DOS.
      CPM........A full-featured CP/M-86 emulator for DOS.
      EDCOM......A nifty little binary file editor.  Good
                 for patching CP/M-86 binaries under DOS.

  EXTRACT.EXE (50k - Self-extracting archive)
    A collection of DOS programs that will extract every
    type of archived or compressed CP/M file...including
    .ARC, .ARK, .LBR, xQx, xYx and xZx.
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